Portobello Road Market in London

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on October 21st, 2009

As everyone knows, the shopping experience in London is definitely an unforgettable one.  There is Harrods (and I hope you have a full day to go to Harrods, it’s huge!), Covent Garden, Westfield Shopping Centre, etc.  I love them all, but my favorite place to shop in this fabulous city is the Portobello Road Market.

Portobello Road is in the heart of west London‚Äôs Notting Hill district and has been featured in movies such as ‚ÄúNotting Hill‚Äù with Julia Roberts and Disney‚Äôs ‚ÄúBedknobs and Broomsticks‚Äù starring Angela Lansbury.¬† The Market is one of the largest and¬†most famous street markets in the world.¬† Walking down Portobello Road during market hours, you can find anything from purses to leather notebooks, from tunics to antique furniture, whatever you are looking for, it’s¬†there.¬† ¬†The shopkeepers will let you haggle them down, so don‚Äôt expect to¬†have to pay the price you see on the tag.¬† For instance, I saw a really great hat with a ¬£14 price attached.¬† After some friendly arguing, that nice man let me have it for ¬£9.¬† I walked down the road a little further, bought some tomatoes from a local farmer¬†and then at the next booth, I found an antique magnifying glass.¬† I got it for way less than its worth; I believe I bargained this person down to around ¬£5-6.

The shops along Portobello Road  are open Monday through Saturday, although the best day to go is Saturday as all the proprietors will be out.  It is definitely something you do not want to miss out on during your next trip to London.

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Written by 1800FlyEurope

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