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World Cuisine Wednesday

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights, World Cuisine Wednesdays | on November 18th, 2009

The cold weather is coming sooner than we think.  With all the winter sports like snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling, I found it fitting to have this week’s recipe be from winter-friendly Switzerland.  I have for you the recipe for a nice, warm, gooey cheese fondue.

2 tbsp Kirsch
1 c. dry white wine
1 tsp cornstarch
¬Ω lb grated Gruyere cheese
¬Ω lb grated Emmentaler cheese
1 garlic clove, peeled, cut in two
1tbsp olive oil
¬Ω tsp nutmeg
¬Ω tsp ground black pepper

1 loaf crusty French bread, cut into small cubes
(You can also use cubed ham, apples, broccoli, baby potatoes and/or cauliflower for dipping)

Heat oil over medium low heat and add garlic.  Cook for about 2 minutes, until garlic is browned, then remove garlic.

Stirring constantly, add cheese and wine.  When cheese is melted halfway, add Kirsch and cornstarch and stir continuously until cheese fully melted.

Pour cheese from cooking pot to ready fondue pot.  Serve immediately.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall – 20 Years Later

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on November 16th, 2009

It’s hard to believe that it has already been twenty years since November 9, 1989.  This was the day that Gunter Schabowski announced that the wall separating Eastern and Western Germany would come down, thus ending communism in Germany, and symbolizing the triumph of democracy.

On the 20th anniversary of this monumental event, the city of Berlin celebrated with ‚ÄúFestival of Freedom‚Äù.¬† ¬†Residents set up a foam wall, made of over 1000 tiles along where the wall used to stand, and then knocked it over, U2 performed at the Brandenburg Gate and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter addressed the anniversary with pages dedicated to the event.¬† At the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California, a replica of the wall has been constructed where visitors can sign their names and write their messages, just as the Germans had on the original wall.¬† Ripley‚Äôs Believe it or Not Museum in Orlando, Florida even has an exhibit with a 10×10 foot section of the wall, available for guests to see and touch.

Next time you take a trip to Berlin, let us arrange for you the Super Berlin Tour.  This tour includes a stop to the East Side Gallery,  you will see remains of the Berlin Wall and will visit the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie Museum.  The museum was named for one of the main gateways between East and West Berlin, and originally opened in 1962 in a 2 room apartment.  This museum relates the history of the Berlin Wall, and stories of failed and successful escapes.

Economy vs. Luxury

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on November 13th, 2009

Have you been considering upgrading to a higher level of service the next time you travel abroad?  This blog has some basic information on the differences in each type of ticket we can offer to you.  I hope you find it helpful, and if you have any further questions, please call and speak with one of our agents. 

As we all know, Economy (Coach) Class tickets are the least expensive you can purchase.  Each row has more seats due to a narrower design.  Unfortunately this leads to limited leg room – just enough to avoid having your knees in your lap!  Your meal will be a standard airline meal, and alcoholic beverages are offered for a charge.

Premium Economy  is the next step up.  Not all, but some of our airlines offer a Premium Economy class seat.  In this category the seats are a few inches wider than regular Economy and there is a bit more leg room.  A lot of these airlines even offer higher luggage allowance and better meal and drink service when you go with a Premium Economy ticket.

Business Class airfare has fewer restrictions: where most of Economy tickets are non-refundable, a business class ticket usually can be cancelled for a fee.  Business Class seats with each airline vary, as some airlines offer this as the highest level of service.  The seats are a lot wider and recline further.  There are typically three types of seats that airlines offer Business Class travelers: Flat seats (which recline completely), Angled lie flat seats (do not recline flat, but they do go back 180°) and Cradle seats (recline at about 160°). Meals in business class are much better than in Coach, sometimes prepared by actual chefs on board.  (Example: British Airways has been known to serve a meal that started with smoked salmon and fresh rolls, followed by a crisp green salad topped with goat cheese and the main course was beef with potatoes and carrots.  The meal was served with a choice of champagne, wine or a mixed drink. The dessert was vanilla mousse with strawberries.) You will be served complimentary alcoholic beverages.

First class airfare is, of course, the highest level of travel.  Like business class, the first class traveler also has fewer restrictions on their ticket and a higher luggage allowance.  Their seats are roomy and comfortable; they fully recline and each passenger has their own television and workspace.  First class travelers enjoy a variety of luxuries that are available only to them.  At the airport, they can relax in first class lounges while waiting to board the plane; sometimes the first class passengers even have special security and check in areas.  These passengers are served gourmet meals, complimentary beverages and they have their own private restroom.  Passengers from the lower travel classes are not permitted to enter the First Class Cabin.

If you are interested in traveling to Europe in style for a discounted rate in Premium Economy, Business Class or First Class, give us a call at 1-800-359-3876.

Bath Film Festival

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on November 4th, 2009

Bath, United Kingdom
November 12-21, 2009

Are you a movie buff?  If so, you should consider traveling to the United Kingdom this month.   Since 1991 the city of Bath holds an annual film festival (this year from November 12-21) celebrating local and international filmmakers.

On Sunday November 15, the festival is running free short films at Green Park Station.  They will be premiering films from local first time filmmakers as well as short clips of other movies. At the Little Theatre Cinema, there will be screenings of major motion pictures, such as The Informant, Glorious 39, and A Serious Man. There will also be showings of movies that have been out for a few years. The festival will go on for about a week and a half and will be held at various venues, such as the Little Theatre Cinema, Komedia, and Chapel Arts.

If not for this annual festival, many films would not be screened in the city of Bath at all. Although it is community oriented, the Film Society is striving to become internationally recognized.

To get to the Bath Film Festival, you can take a flight to Bristol or London and rent a car.  While Bristol is closer to Bath, it would be less expensive to fly into London.  You could put the money you save toward your car rental or hotel accomodation.  And, if you’re flying into London, it’s more likely you will be on a non-stop flight, thus ensuring a smoother trip without the inconvenience that sometimes accompanies a connecting flight.

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