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By Brian in Destination Highlights, Travel Deals | on December 4th, 2009

A few weeks ago marked the anniversary of the falling of the Berlin wall. The last 15 years has allowed many of these former Eastern Bloc countries to flourish through tourism, commerce and industry. This also has allowed many travelers the chance to visit a part of the world that few people have in the last Century.
The countries terrain’s are diverse: from mountains, rolling hills and rural farmlands to white sandy beaches and resorts. Rustic villages line the landscape where locals live as they have done for centuries. The architecture throughout is stunning, offering amazing cathedrals, war torn buildings, Gothic designs and new construction alike.
With the heavy hand of communism lifted, new life has just recently been breathed into these countries allowing tourists to experience the vitality offered by the countries and it’s people. Check out some great flight deals to the former Eastern Europe.

Written by Brian

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