Springtime in Amsterdam

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on January 19th, 2010

In the last decade, Amsterdam has seen a steady growth in visitors, seeing up to 3 million international tourists a year. It is a beautiful city with much to do and see.

Many people want to visit Holland to see the tulips and windmills.  Going in April would be the perfect time for this, as the tulips bloom between late March and the middle of May. You can just rent a car and take a ride along the beautiful countryside to see the fields between Haarlem to Leiden (which appear to be a perfect carpet of flowers). A  road trip to Lisse would also be in order, to visit the Keukenhof – Garden of Europe.  The Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden, with at least seven million flowers planted each year. Breathtaking.

If museums are big on your agenda, you are in for a treat as Amsterdam has many. Most of them are located on Het Museumplein (Museum Square). Here you will find the Rijksmuseum – this is where the largest collection of Dutch art is.  There is also the Van Gogh Museum which houses the early artwork of former Amsterdam resident, Vincent Van Gogh.  Next to the Van Gogh Museum is the Stedelijk Museum where the largest collection of modern art in Amsterdam is displayed. And although neither the Anne Frank House or  Rembrandthuis are located on Museumplein, you mustn’t skip visiting them.

The canal cruises are an excellent way to see the city. Typically lasting about an hour and a half, the boat will take you along the canals to see 17th century Amsterdam.  You will experience the era of the Rembrandt and experience the beauty of the canals, the bridges, waterfront houses and houseboats. You will get to learn the history of the city of Amsterdam, as these cruises have tour guides.

Your Amsterdam Vacation begins when you land in the lovely Schiphol Airport.  Call us for a free quote and ask about additional discounts on hotels and sightseeing tours when booked with airfare.

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