Lufthansa Welcomes Airbus A380

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on June 16th, 2010

On May 19, Lufthansa received their newest member of fleet, the Airbus A380.  This  superjumbo jet has a total of 526 seats;  the upper deck has seating for 98 Business Class passengers and 8 First Class passengers.  The remaining 420 passengers are seated below.

This aircraft took seven years to complete, two years later than anticipated and cost over 8 billion dollars to develop.  Other airlines that are operating the Airbus A380 include Air France, Qantas and Singapore Airlines.    The Airbus A380 has a range of 8200 Nautical miles, meaning it has the capability to fly nonstop from New York to Hong Kong.

In the First Class Cabin, passengers will have ample personal and storage space.  The developers did away with overhead bins, instead providing each person with their own lockable closet.  The restroom is large and luxurious, comprised of two separate areas: one room is for changing and washing up and the other is the lavatory.

Business Class passengers can enjoy comfort and relaxation in the new Business Class Cabin.  The plush, comfortable seats convert into a 6.5 foot long bed and each seat has its own control console for in-flight entertainment.

Passengers flying in Economy Class can also enjoy added benefits and comfort of the new A380.  Just as the seats in First and Business Class were developed by ergonomic experts, so were the seats in Economy.  The new seats have slimmer backs as well as added legroom and personal space for each passenger.

On June 11, 2010 Lufthansa’s new A380 took its maiden voyage from Frankfurt to Tokyo.  By fall 2010, Lufthansa will have four A380s in their fleet which will be operated on routes to Johannesburg and Beijing.

Interested in flying in one of these superjumbo jets?  Give us a call at 1-800-359-3876 for your free quote on a flight with Lufthansa today!

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