Fine Dining in Europe

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on July 16th, 2010

Part of the fun and excitement of international travel are the unique dining experiences that one is exposed to.  Any city in Europe that you visit will offer countless options for indulging yourself, but the best ones may not always be obvious.  Some of the best restaurants in Europe are located in areas you wouldn’t expect, and in some cases you might walk right by and not even know what you just passed.  Here are three examples of restaurants that are worth a try if you happen to be in these cities.

Starting in Madrid, you could visit this restaurant during the day and not even know that you are in a restaurant.  Asiana is a restaurant that is located in the basement of an Asian antiques store.  Head chef Jaime Renedo opened this restaurant in 2005 at the age of 22, in the basement of his mothers Antiques store in the heart of Madrid.  What Renedo lacks in age, he makes up for in fantastic cuisine and creative dishes.  The menu features a 10 dish fixed tasting menu that changes each month or depending on what is available at the market.  The dishes are influenced by Japanese, Mediterranean, South East Asian and Peruvian cuisines, as well as a heavy influence from the creativity of Renedo.  The restaurant emits a cozy and intimate atmosphere, only seating about 25 guests around 7 tables.  Although a relatively pricey restaurant, those who have dined there were not disappointed and you will not be either.

Considered one of the top cities in the world for fine cuisine, Paris will be sure to not disappoint when it comes to dining out.  With so many fine dining options that Paris presents, it might be overwhelming to make a decision on where to eat.  Not mentioned in any tourist guidebooks, Le Tournebievre is a restaurant that is sure to impress.  The first thing that you notice about the restaurant, that is when you find it, is the phenomenal view of the Seine River and the Notre Dame.  A small, cozy bistro style restaurant seating around 20 guests, Le Tournebievre isn’t a flashy restaurant that stands out; in fact it is located between several chic touristy dining spots that won’t stand out at first glance.  Le Tournebievre is also not priced like the other restaurants that surround it, making it that much more appealing.  Not saying that it is a cheap restaurant, at Le Tournebievre your money goes a long way and you absolutely get more than what you pay for.

Not as famously noted for fine dining like Paris or some Italian cities, London features a plethora of dining options that will please any palate.  One restaurant that surpasses just about all London dining options is The Fat Duck, located just west of the city.  Voted the best restaurant in the world in 2005, The Fat Duck is a dining experience that you are sure to never forget.  Head chef Heston Blumenthal is a self taught chef who lives to cook, or as he calls it “molecular gastronomy.”  Again this restaurant doesn’t stand out from the rest, and does take either knowing where it is or having someone point you in the right direction, but is worth the journey once you are seated and about to delve into the unique creations that Blumenthal thinks of.  The menu features large meals, some with as many as 15 courses, all with small portions, which enables you to sample all of the delicious creations from the chef.  Part of the dining experience is the atmosphere and the presentation of the food, featuring frozen soups, liquid nitrogen as an ingredient, blow torches and even scrambled egg and bacon ice cream! Although pricey, if it fits in the budget The Fat Duck is worth every penny and will be sure to make a lasting impression on you.

So whether you are looking for some dining options while you are in Europe or just hungry for adventure, Europe has a restaurant for you.  Travel to Europe and give your palate an international treat that you will never forget.

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  1. L Zimmerman says:

    Your descriptions make it very tempting. Maybe when the kids are older.

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