Munich: Germany’s Cultural Gem

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on August 16th, 2010
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Munich is a city in southern Germany that truly has a lot to offer the traveler. A must see destination of Europe, Munich is a seamless blend casual modernity with timeless history. Ageless buildings sit inconspicuously next to modern skyscrapers, cafes scattered amongst historic squares all contribute to the feeling of comfort that Munich emits.

The best place to start your exploration of Munich is at the Marienplatz, located at the heart of historic Munich. Exploration of the city is easy from here as all important locales are easily within reach. Here you will find a number of cafes, restaurants and museums to entertain. The main feature is the Mariensaule, a large column topped with a magnificent gold statute of the Virgin Mary. You will also be impressed by the sights and sounds of the 43 bells of the 280ft tall automated glockenspiel.

From there a trip to the Frauenkirche is a must. The Frauenkirche is Munich’s Church of our Lady and also one of the more impressive sites Munich has to offer. This church was built between the years of 1468 and 1488, but was almost completely destroyed by World War II. The church was then rebuilt following the war in 1953. The highlight of the Frauenkirche is the two red brick towers that rise up 1065 feet to offer one of the best views of Munich.

Munich is also home to numerous museums that offer a variety of exhibits. Claiming to be the world’s largest science museum, The Deutsches (German) Museum boasts an 8 story building packed with exhibits that range from windmills to space probes. Seeing everything the museum has to offer would take at least a few days, but organized tours can be arranged to view the highlights of the museum in just one trip. Children will be particularly amused with the interactive displays and exhibits that encourage active learning and fun.

Another place worth noting is the Bavarian Museum. It is a little smaller than the German Museum, but still has 3 stories of exhibits. The displays range from all eras of European art and culture, but have a main focus of Bavarian items and exhibits.

It’s not worth talking about Munich if you don’t mention Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest has quickly grown to be the world’s largest public festival, attracting more than 7 million people each year. The festival is centered on what Munich is best known for, beer, but also offers a lot more to the visitor. Elaborate costumed parades, dancing, concerts and as much sausage and oompah music that one can handle, plus all the beer from all over the world that is on hand to sample. The 2010 dates of Oktoberfest is September 18 through October 4th.

If you have never been to this wonderful city, now is the time. Book your cheap flight to Munich and experience what this Southern German city has to offer!

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