Three Gnarly Spots to Hang Ten

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on October 15th, 2010

Previously, if someone mentioned surfing, the first places that would come to my mind were California and Hawaii. And while these places are fantastic, I now know of many more fun locations to hang ten; but  I wonder how many other people also think of these two states as the world’s main surf destinations.

I did my research and found hundreds of other spots, some made me say, “Of course, why didn’t I think of that?” while others made me go, “Hmmm…who’d have thought?”  Here are three places to consider if you’re interested in surfing while on your next trip abroad.

Thurso, Scotland- Although it seems unusual to hear “surfing” and “Scotland” in the same sentence, Thurso is an interesting place to try it out.  The waves here bowl around the reef into the harbor, making for a long, fun ride! The weather is not balmy in Thurso and the water is quite cool (top water temps in summer are typically around 60°F) so it calls for surfing in bodysuits as opposed to regular swimsuits or trunks. Probably best suited for experienced surfers, watch for the large rocks!

Peniche, Portugal- On the west coast of Portugal, about an hour north of Lisbon is the seaside town of Peniche.  It is known for its long beaches, water sports and as one of the best surfing locations in Europe.  Plenty of offshore wind makes for the strong, fast tubular waves sometimes referred to as the “European Pipeline”.  Whether you’re an experienced surfer, or you’re new to the game Peniche is a fantastic spot to hit the waves.  There is even a surf school/camp (the Peniche Surf Camp) right on site!

Bundoran, Ireland – Bundoran is another one of the places that you will want to surf fully suited.   This resort town is located along the Atlantic Ocean’s Donegal Bay, about a three hour drive from Dublin.  Home to the Annual Sea Sessions Festival and Bundoran Surf Company (which is a Surf School, Lodge and Shop), Bundoran is one of Ireland’s premiere surfing destinations.  In 2008, “Wave Riders” a documentary about surfing in Ireland (Bundoran in particular) came out, winning the audience award at the 2008 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.  Certain local surfers have been recorded riding waves from 45-55 feet high in Mullaghmore Head which is about  less than 10 miles from Bundoran.  Wow!

Have you ever been surfing? If so, where was your favorite place?

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Written by 1800FlyEurope

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