One Elephant You’ll Never Forget

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on May 26th, 2011

In Hamm, Germany there is an elephant named Glaselefant who is the symbol of the city. Its home is in Maximilian Park and it is almost 115 feet tall.  Oh, did I mention that this particular pachyderm is a giant walk-in sculpture of steel and glass? It was originally the Maximilian coalmine’s coal separation building that had been abandoned for some time. In 1981, artist and architect Horst Rellecke came up with an idea to renovate and transform the old structure into the shape of an elephant. In 1984, Glaselefant was born; it is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest animal shaped building in the world.

Inside the head there is a garden room that offers spectacular panoramic views over the park, Hamm and the Westphalian countryside. To reach this room, one can either take the stairs or the elevator, which is located in the trunk. In the garden room, there are also 10 kinetic objects on display that were designed by Rellecke. All the visitor has to do is push a button and these automatons spring into action.  Among them are the Palmenputzer who cleans the palm leaves and Durstige Huhn (thirsty hen) who waters the plants.  Glaselefant is accented with LED lighting that not only generates a variety of colors but also has the capability of producing impressive light shows.

On a side note: At another park in Hamm called Selbach, a miniature version of Glaselefant sits at the entrance.  This one’s name is Elise, which comes from the first letters of “Elefant Im Selbachparc” (Elephant in Selbach Park). She is much smaller than the one in Maximilian Park, but just as cute. She’s made of gardening wire, filled with soil and in warm weather, is covered with lovely pink and white flowers.

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