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By 1800FlyEurope in World Cuisine Wednesdays | on May 18th, 2011

Have you planned your 2011 vacation yet? As for myself, I’d like to take a trip to Munich this summer. The capital of Bavaria is a delightful city of museums, lush parks and picturesque squares. Unlike other cities such as Frankfurt, it has retained its old world feel and air of a traditional German town. The citizens of Munich are friendly, proud of their heritage and more than happy to talk with visitors. Being chatterbox that I am, spending time gabbing with the locals will be the highlight of my summer vacation in Munich.

A special treat served at barbecues during the summer in Germany is Erdbeerbowle (strawberry punch). I love punch and strawberries, so this recipe is a win!


  • 2 quarts of washed strawberries, sliced and cored
  • 2 lemons (washed)
  • Mint, sliced lemon and strawberries for garnish
  • ¬Ω c sugar
  • 1 bottle of dry white wine
  • 1 bottle of sparkling white wine

Place strawberries in a large bowl and sprinkle with sugar. Zest and juice the lemons and add both to the strawberries, chill for two hours.

Drain and save juice in separate container.  Add the dry white wine and marinate for one hour.

Pour strawberry and wine mixture into a punch bowl or large pitcher, adding the sparkling wine and reserved juice.

Garnish with lemon slices, mint and strawberries. Serve and enjoy!

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Written by 1800FlyEurope

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