Unique Libraries throughout Europe

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As you can probably tell by my earlier posts, I love any and all things literature and architecture. That is why today’s blog post is going to be about various libraries throughout Europe.

Strahov Theological Hall – Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the Strahov Monastery in Prague is the Strahov Theological Hall which was built in the 17th century. The library is home to more than 18,000 religious texts and various editions of the Bible in many different languages. Its ornate Baroque architecture is breathtaking, with sculpted ceilings, several frescoes and stucco cartouches.


National Library of Belarus – Minsk, Belarus

The National Library of Belarus is located in the country’s capital city, Minsk. It is set in a beautiful location in the park along the river. It is a 22 story modern building, completed in 2006. The shape of the library is very unique: rhombicuboctahedron. It has seating for 2,000 patrons and even has a 500 seat conference hall! The NLB contains the third largest collection of books printed in Russian, after the libraries in Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are nearly 10 million books and documents in the National Library of Belarus.

Danish Royal Library – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish Royal Library in Copenhagen was built in 1999 as an extension of the Royal Library on Slotsholmen, an island in the harbor. It is called Black Diamond due to the fact that its façade is comprised of black marble and glass. In addition to housing a huge collection of books, the library is also home to a 600-seat auditorium, a restaurant, photography museum, bookstore and roof deck.

Admont Library – Admont, Austria

In Admont, Austria is the Admont Abbey home to one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve ever seen. It is the world’s largest monastery library and holds more than 200,000 books and documents. The Admont Abbey Library was built in 1776, designed by Joseph Hueber in Baroque style, containing carvings by renowned sculptor Josef Stammel and cupolas decorated with frescoes painted by 80 year old artist, Bartolomeo Altomonte (1694-1783).


There are many more unique libraries in Europe and across the globe, too many to list. Which ones have you visited? Tell us about your experience.

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