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Amazing LEGO Creations from around the World

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on October 26th, 2011

Who doesn’t like LEGO building blocks? I fondly remember this toy from my childhood. Each time I completed construction of a new version of a rectangle house I would proudly show the masterpiece off to my parents. The following examples take this seemingly simple plastic block to construct the almost unimaginable creations.

World’s Tallest Lego Tower


A tower comprised of over 500,000 individual LEGO pieces was put together in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It took about 6,000 volunteers, a large percentage of which were children, only 4 days to raise the 102 foot column.                                                                             (photo Barbara Escher)

Mona Lisa LEGO Mosaic

Eric Harshabarger’s heart was clearly in Paris when he designed a 6 foot by 8 foot mosaic recreation of the Mona Lisa portrait. Incredibly, it is made up of only the 6 basic LEGO colors. The pièce de résistance consisted of over 30,000 plastic bricks.

2-Story LEGO House

In a vineyard in Dorking, England, a life-size 2-story abode was built entirely out of the tiny LEGO blocks. It took 3.3 million LEGO pieces and about 1,000 volunteers to assemble this structure. The mastermind behind the plan, James May, did not miss a single aesthetic detail; it had a bed, working plumbing and a stairway leading to the 2nd floor all made from LEGO pieces.(photo Lucy Bathgate)

MC Escher “Relativity” LEGO Rendition

It took Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu about six evenings to reproduce a version of this MC Escher lithograph. Escher (1898-1972) was a graphic artist from the Netherlands. He based much of his work on the laws of mathematics and science. “Relativity” was founded on the perception of a world without gravity.

Han Solo in Carbonite LEGO Sculpture

Nathan Sawaya, brickartist from New York, uses LEGO building blocks as a medium for his sculptures. This portrayal of Han Solo is an impressive LEGO Star Wars themed work of art. It took about 10,000 blocks and three months to complete this piece.

It is amazing what can be formed from these small plastic nubby bricks. Imagination plus LEGO blocks seem to equal endless possibilities. Discover a world of boundless creative potential. Visit one of Europe’s most artistic cities with flights to Barcelona from 1-800 Fly Europe to begin this journey.


5 Money Saving Trip Planning Tips

By 1800FlyEurope in Travel Tips | on October 20th, 2011

I have learned a few things, some the hard way, throughout the years about preparing to travel. Save yourself over $100 on your next trip with the 5 following tips.

Take a look at the airport’s website before flying

I was 19 when my sister and I decided to take a 2 day layover to explore Iceland before returning home from Europe. As the cab drove us away from the airport, panic began to set in as we watched the cityscape fade into the horizon. Where was this guy taking us?! Airport websites provide you all the vital local information you may need to know, such as the available transportation services and the fact that Reykjavik airport is 45 km from the actual city.

Read through the airline’s baggage restriction information

A couple years ago I took a trip to Florida with my boyfriend. We got hit with an oversized baggage fee of almost $100; the suitcase was a ½ in over the size limit. View your airline’s baggage regulations online to learn about prohibited items, acceptable luggage dimensions, carry-on bag restrictions and much more.

Read this before switching on a smart phone in another country

A friend of mine returned home from our recent trip to Canada to discover $100 in cell phone charges on her next bill. International Data Roaming Charges began racking up the moment the smart phone was turned on, and she did not make a single call while in Canada. Before you leave the country, call your cell phone company to see if you can purchase a short term international cell phone plan, or rent an international cell phone.

Plan for traffic

When I was in my early 20s, I took a week-long vacation to visit a good friend in Richmond, VA. I did not think to consider the morning rush hour traffic I would encounter on I 95 heading towards Washington DC. I missed my flight, an error that almost cost me my job at the time. Check the traffic report before you leave the driveway.

Book travel plans in advance

I spent a semester abroad in Spain while studying in college, and I made the very costly mistake purchasing my plane ticket at the last minute. I later found out from my classmates that I paid 2 times more than they did. My last advice to you is to book your flight reservations a few months in advance. Whether you are looking to book flights to Berlin, Germany or book flights to Barcelona, Spain, 1 800 Fly Europe will offer you the lowest rates on international flights. Save your money to purchase the really important things in life, like a pair of shoes from Italy.


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