Kicked Off a Plane for Doing What?!

By 1800FlyEurope in Travel Tips | on November 23rd, 2011
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Fasten your seat belt, please remain seated, turn off all electrical devices until further notice, and make sure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position… We are all familiar with the basic airline code of conduct, and most of us realize that these rules are in effect for everyone’s safety. Every once in a while, a news headline flashes before your eyes that makes you do a double-take to confirm that you just read/heard it correctly.

Do your Pants Hang Low?

This past September the Green Day singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, was kicked off a flight because he refused to pull his pajama pants up. I can not help but wonder if his attitude had a large part to do with his being removed from the plane. The reported that Billie talked back to the flight attendant, who had just asked him to pull up his pants, by protesting ‚ÄúI‚Äôm just trying to get to my [expletive] seat.‚Äù After tweeting, on Twitter, his dissatisfaction of the airline’s treatment towards him, Billie was promptly found another flight and the air carrier apologized to the singer.

It’s Your Call

A little over a week ago a woman was taken off a flight, because she refused to turn her phone off and put it away. wrote that the passenger was asked three times to power her cell phone off. She must have had more important things to chat about than to be bothered by the flight attendant’s request. I imagine everyone on board was glad to see her being forced to return to the airport gate and book another flight.

Double Whammy

This past July posted an article about two brothers who decided to take matters into their own hands. While the plane was taxiing down the runway, a flight attendant tried to wake Jonathan Baez and ask him to fasten his seatbelt. He showed signs of inebriation and did not respond appropriately to the flight attendant’s directions. When the plane returned to the concourse for Jonathan to be sent packing on another flight, his brother Luis Baez decided to leave with him. If being booted from the plane was not bad enough, both brothers attacked and threatened the life of the pilot once they were inside the terminal. These two were not allowed to rebook their flights; they went straight to jail.

Do not let off the F Bomb

TV producer and children‚Äôs book author, Robert Sayegh, was asked to deplane after dropping the four-letter F Bomb during boarding. According to, a flight attendant heard him complaining to another passenger “What’s taking so ¬†[expletive] long to close the overhead compartments?”The airline was quick to get Mr. Sayegh on another flight and express their regret for his embarrassment over the situation.

I’m too Pretty to Fly

Per, two eighteen year old females were removed from a flight in 2008, and the teens tried to claim that they were discriminated against because of their appearance. The airline responded that it was the girls‚Äô behavior that was the cause for needing to be escorted off the plane by police. The girls also tried to tell media that they were banned from this particular air carrier’s flights for life. I think these gals were ahead of their time, because it wasn‚Äôt until the summer of 2010 that Snooki, Jersey Shore star, belligerently whined in front a camera crew that she was just ‚Äòtoo pretty to be in jail.‚Äô

Add these examples to your list of things of what not to do or say while on your flights to Barcelona, Spain or to Denver, Colorado. If you are looking for some good bathroom reading on the topic of flight regulations, check out Electronic Code of Federal Regulations. Personally, I think most of passenger safety aviation laws should strike us as common sense. I know that when I am flying, I want the pilot to be giving their full attention to the operation of the aircraft, and the last thought in my mind has absolutely nothing to do with even remotely interfering with their flight navigation. That’s just me though.


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