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Top 5 European Airports for 2011

By 1800FlyEurope in These Five Things | on December 7th, 2011

Are you planning a trip to Europe in the near or distant future? Perhaps you are considering visiting several countries, or in searching for flight rates you are given the option of various airport locations for connecting to another flight? Before you reserve that ticket, take a little extra time to research the airports you will be flying in and out of. After you have read about the following award winning European airline hubs, you may want to consider giving yourself a couple extra hours to see why Skytrax has ranked these as the best of the best for 2011.

Skytrax is a United Kingdom based agency which annually evaluates airline and airport performances throughout the world. They survey millions of international travelers and ask passengers to rate airport services such as check-ins, arrivals, lounges, food, and shopping. The questionnaires are completed by travelers of over 100 individual nationalities, participation is free of charge, and payment for taking part in a survey is not received, all so that the final results are unbiased.

London Heathrow

World’s Best Airport for Shopping and Runner-up for Dining

Choose from an array of over 80 shops featuring gifts, wine, books, boutiques and more when you have time in between your next flight here. Heathrow boasts top of line designer names like Chanel, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., and Jimmy Choo. After you have shopped to your heart’s content, be sure to grab an all natural bite to eat from Pret A Manger or treat yourself a three course meal from Gordon Ramsay Plane Food. If you have specific dietary needs, feel assured that Heathrow has restaurants that offer vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, gluten-free, and wheat-free dining options.

Lufthansa Frankfurt

Europe’s Best Premium Service Airport

Expect to be treated like royalty while you wait for your first class flight in Frankfurt. The Lufthansa First Class Terminal is located in a separate building which was designed exclusively to meet and exceed the needs of their passengers. Upon arrival to this terminal, valet promptly parks your vehicle and whisks away any luggage you wish to have checked. Then, a personal assistant appears to help you with any travel/business needs, check you in for your flight and guide you through security. While you wait for your flight you may wish to unwind in the lavish lounge area, sip a fine wine, or even enjoy a cigar in the designated Cigar Lounge. Lufthansa strives to provide their first class passengers with unsurpassed services in a luxurious and tranquil atmosphere.

Zurich Airport

Best Airport Europe, 3rd Place

The Swiss are renowned for being precise and efficient, and these very qualities are what have earned Zurich its title of 3rd Best Airport in Europe. You will notice that the check points flow seamlessly, and the layout of the airport is ingenious. The optimal use of space provides passengers with shorter distances to walk in between flights in a light and airy, ultra modern facility. In short, the Zurich Airport runs like fine, Swiss clockwork.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Best Airport Europe, 2nd Place

Schiphol holds the title for being the oldest, operating international airport in the world; it has been functioning from the same location for over 90 years. Don’t be fooled into thinking that there is anything antiquated about this airport, other than its site. This establishment is state of the art and offers passengers cutting-edge amenities in relation to their restaurants, shops and departure waiting areas. Impressively, Schiphol provides direct flights to over 300 destinations in 99 countries.

Munich Airport

Best Airport Europe, 1st Place

The overall best airport in Europe is Munich, and this is not an easy status to earn. They had to score in the top ranks for about 40 individual, performance areas and consistently receive high marks for categories such as cleanliness, comfort, shopping, restaurants, staff friendliness, and baggage claim delivery. This isn’t the first time Munich has achieved the title of Best Airport Europe; this honor was proudly attained in 2010 and consecutively from 2005 through 2008. Here, you will experience an airport brimming with Bavarian charisma in a setting of contemporary architecture.

Consider flying into or out of one of the above highly regarded airports when making your travel plans to Europe. They have all earned these prestigious awards because of travelers like you. If you find yourself booking a connecting flight within Europe, any one of these hubs will surely tick the boxes for your requirements of efficiency and comfort. You may even find yourself enjoying your airport downtime with some leisurely shopping, tasty cuisine and/or relaxation in a cushy lounge. Find the lowest airfare rates with 1-800-Fly-Europe on flights to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, or anywhere in between.


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