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By 1800FlyEurope in These Five Things | on June 6th, 2012
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If you plan on taking a trip abroad soon, you may be perusing the internet in search of quality, handy travel gear. There is a plethora of options out there, and they all promise to offer the best merchandise. So, I scoured through customer reviews of the top, new travel products available and made a list of the highest rated items.

Hard-sided Carry-on with Exterior Pocket $139.95*


This piece of luggage from Hammacher Schelmmer boasts an outer compartment to store your boarding pass, passport, liquids, and anything else you need to have easily accessible. Not only will you be prepared to glide through the TSA checkpoint, the ball-bearing wheels all spin 360º and will keep your belongings moving along smoothly. It is light weight, at a mere 7 ½ lbs and claims to be the only hard-cased carry-on with a front pocket.

USB Fuel Cell Charger $229.99*


Smart phones are an incredibly useful tool to have with you while traveling internationally (just be sure to choose an international call plan or purchase a SIM card once you arrive at your destination in order to avoid nasty data roaming charges). That being said, the battery seemingly always dies when you need it most. This coming Fall 2012, POWERTREKK is releasing a hydrogen fueled USB charger. So, you’ll be able to revitalize your phone anywhere you have access to H2O.

Water Filtration Bottle $59.95*


With Katadyn‘s MyBottle Purifier Blue Splash, you won’t need to question whether or not the water you are about to gulp is safe to drink. The purification system obliterates harmful bacteria and viruses on the spot. Also, it removes bad tasting chemicals (such as chlorine), and another added bonus is that you won‚Äôt need to purchase bottled water.

Adapter, Converter, and USB Charger $58.00*


All electronic device adapters are not designed equally. One may have the USB port but not the capability to run a hairdryer or another may be able to handle high watt appliances but doesn’t have a USB port. The TravelSmith All-In-One Adapter/Converter claims to have all the above bells and whistles. Take note, if you are visiting a destination where power surges are of concern, you may want to consider buying a surge protector locally; this is one instance where waiting to purchase an item may be a vital move to avoid frying electronic devices. There are voltage variances from country to country, making the surge protector you will need difficult to buy in your country of origin.

Carry-on Luggage with a Kickboard $299.99*


Ok, I know that Micro Luggage isn’t a necessity, but it is just too cool to leave off this list. Samsonite and Micro have collaborated to achieve a nifty fusion between a carry-on suitcase and a kickboard. The picture pretty much says it all. Fun!


Packing everything under the sun, just in case a situation calls for it, is simply not a good idea. Remember, extra luggage will equal extra fees, and once your flight to Europe lands, you are going to be responsible for carrying/pulling the baggage everywhere you plan to visit. Do yourself a favor and pack lightly. What types of travel gadgets have you found most useful abroad? Feel free to share below.

*Prices are from each product’s corresponding website on 6.6.2012


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Written by 1800FlyEurope

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