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10 Funny Signs from around the World

By 1800FlyEurope in Lists | on October 10th, 2012

Lost in Translation

Before sharing the following ten funny signs, you have to give other countries credit for attempting to post them in English. There are so many ways a phrase or a word can be misinterpreted when plugging it into Google Translate. Grammar and multiple words with similar meanings can lead us astray. That said, you can’t help but smile when coming across some of these examples, such as the ones listed below.

China | Public Toilet Tourism

Spain | S.H.I.T. Hostel

South Africa | Danger ahead fasten safety belts and remove dentures

Japan | Danger, if you fall in the pond, you will be boiled

Canada | Virus Internet Cafe

Kashmir: India and Pakistan | I am curve(a)ceous be slow

France | No fly tipping

New Zealand | Danger, military target area, do not touch anything, it may explode and kill you

Tanzania | Be aware of invisibility

Vietnam | Take luggage of foreigner, no charge

Things can be so easily lost in translation. I remember the first day of my study abroad in Seville, Spain, and I was excited to speak Spanish with the family who was hosting my stay for the semester. The mother asked me if I had found the bathroom, and I said‚ “Yes, I found it and just washed my hands with sopa.” She looked at me really oddly and laughed. Sopa does not mean soap in Spanish, it means soup. Keep your eyes and mind open upon disembarking your next flights to Spain, France or any other country, because sometimes it‚Äôs the fun, little things you experience in life that tend to standout in your mind years down the road.


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