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Colmar for the Holidays

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on November 26th, 2012

photo courtesy of Nikkodem, flickr creative commons

Year-round, picture perfect Colmar is a lovely destination to visit. Visitors can’t help but fall in love with this destinations fairytale-like backdrops in and around the old town. Half-timbered buildings line the cobblestone streets and a charming canal sleepily flows through the Little Venice district. Come late November, the city and local businesses transform Colmars historic quarters into quite possibly the prettiest place in the world for you to ring in the holidays.

photo courtesy of Office de Tourisme de Colmar, flickr creative commons

Situated nearby Germanys border and about 70 miles southwest of Strasbourg, the self acclaimed Capital of the Alsace Wine Route just opened its Christmas Markets for the holiday season on November 23rd, 2012. Colmars winter wonderland of hand-crafted goods, festive treats and merry entertainment will run until December 31st, 2012.

photo courtesy of Osmenda, flickr creative commons

There are five markets scattered amongst the towns main plazas, and as the sun sets late afternoon, tasteful white Christmas lights cast their soft glow upon the streets down below. A steamy cup of mulled wine is the perfect for keeping warm while shopping for those one of a kind gifts. There’s even a Childrens Christmas Market in Little Venice, complete with handmade toys, holiday themed kiddie rides and a large mailbox to send Santa present wish lists.

photo courtesy of Office de Tourisme de Colmar, flickr creative commons

Book your flights to Strasbourg today, and rent a car in France so that you can follow the Alsace Wine Route on your way to Colmar. Over 30 Alsatian vineyards open their wine cellar doors to the public during the holiday season.


Christmas Market in Barcelona

By 1800FlyEurope in Destination Highlights | on November 1st, 2011

Spend the holidays in Barcelona, Spain for a festive and uniquely Catalonian Christmas Market experience. The Christmas Markets in Germany may be more familiar to many, but consider visiting Barcelona during the holidays. It will be a lot like opening that enticingly wrapped gift under the tree and discovering the wondrous surprise inside. The weather will be mild, and this enchanting Spanish city on the Mediterranean will illuminate your Christmas spirit.

Barcelona has been celebrating the holiday season with fairs, Christmas lights, traditional nativity scenes, carols and much more for over 200 years. The festivities begin the first week of December and last through the New Year until the 6th of January. There are many markets that take place within Barcelona’s individual districts. The oldest, largest and most traditional of these markets that should be seen is the Fira (Fair) de Santa Llúcia.

This is Fira de Santa Llúcia’s 224th year of celebration. The market will take place on Avinguda de la Catedral in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. There will be over 270 stands at this market selling crafts, holiday greenery, nativity scene figures and zambombas (friction drums). This year Barcelona is placing emphasis on the themes of tradition and sustainability. There will be Christmas lights in more than 300 locations throughout the city which will span about 60 km in total.

Get into the holiday frame of mind by trying some traditional Catalonian Christmas cuisine such as the escudella i carn d’olla. Escudella, in Catalan, means bowl and this dish consists of a meat and vegetable stew with pasta shells. To indulge a sweet tooth, sample some torrons. These are a classic holiday candy made up of almonds, hazelnuts and honey.

There are many monuments and art galleries to behold in this vibrant city on top of all of the festivities that will be taking place this time of year. Barcelona boasts impressive architectural masterpieces of Antoni Guadí such as the Sagrada Familia church, and it is home to the Picasso Museum which shows off many of Pablo Picasso’s great works. If the idea of spending the holidays in Barcelona is enticing, don’t wait to book travel plans. Begin looking into flights to Barcelona today.


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